Loan Help
I am a first home buyer. What should I be doing ?
I have had a home loan for a while now. Would like to know if I can pay it off faster
I have a home loan and a few other debts. Don't know where my money is going.
I want extra money for personal purpose. Can you help?
I am over 60 and own my home. I need money for a worthwhile purpose.
Why us
There are thousands of product/service sellers out in the market – Brokers, Accountants, Solicitors, Planners, Advisers, Bank and Credit Union Staff, etc. Each with various great deals and lures, trying to sell you their products. How do you choose one over the other ?

Look for someone who will listen to you, someone you can relate to, someone who understands your current circumstance, your wishes, needs and long term goals, NOT those who only focus on what they can immediately sell to you, make a quick buck, and move on.

It helps to confirm that you are dealing with a qualified and Licensed Professional (all Finance Professionals need to have minimum qualifications and experience, and hold a valid license or work under a valid license holder).

You should test our knowledge, experience and ability to offer you competent service. Talk to us for a free and non- obligatory appointment to have a chat about your need.
  Are these the qualities you expect in your financial consultant ?
  Are you comfortable dealing with us?
  If yes, we can now work together.

Our service commitment to our clients is as follows ;

Initial Enquiry :  We will listen to you. Discuss what your needs are. Try and answer all your questions. Help you decide if you are comfortable working with us.

Appointment :  We discuss with you, in detail, what your wishes, needs and long term goals are. We discuss your current circumstances, gather detailed information and documentation. If needed, we will liaise and work with your accountant, solicitor, etc., to help decide on a course of action and finalize a plan based on your active input and consent.

Application :  We reconfirm your choice of product / service and submit your formal application and all relevant documentation to product/service provider. We work with product /service provider, assist with ‘on time tracking’ of your application, and provide prompt and reliable feedback to you on progress. In short, we devote our best efforts to achieve a successful outcome for you in the shortest possible timeframe.

Settlement :  We work to achieve on-time approval of your application, Liaise with your Solicitor/Conveyancer, Vendor, Govt Agencies, Accountant, etc. to try and achieve time bound settlement of your loan.

Post Settlement :  We assist you in a smooth transition to your new loan facility. We offer related services and assistance as per your wishes and needs. We offer ongoing reviews and assist with any future finance need. We offer access to information provided by us via our website, newsletters, social media, etc.

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